British Columbia is a wonderful place to get up close and personal with the great outdoors. BC Out of Doors is all about getting out there to both explore and understand BC’s natural environment. Catch the latest stories and pictures at “What’s New”.

On these pages you’ll find a low impact and sustainable approach to exploring the natural world — hiking, biking, mountaineering, walking, paddling, sailing, birding, photography, botany, backpacking, trekking …… the list goes on. The focus is beautiful British Columbia, but what’s a border or two between friends!

Views of the Olympic Peninsula from the Victoria waterfront

The Olympics from the Victoria waterfront

Mary Sanseverino is the outdoorista who coordinates this space. She lives, works, and plays in and around Victoria BC on lovely Vancouver Island. But, she gets off the West Coast Rock from time to time for exploration elsewhere in BC and beyond.

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  1. Good morning, Mary

    My name is Lois Burton and I am the acting President of Victoria Camera Club. We are a non profit member based organization of close to 200 members. Our club slows down during the summer months and resume full schedule of activities in the fall. We have a guest speaker once per month and it is in this capacity that I am writing to see if you would interested in speaking to our club sometime in the fall. If you are interested we would provide an honorarium of $50 for your presentation. The presenters night is usually the second Thursday of the month, but I can provide further details once I determine your interest.

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